Drawing on his experience as an entrepreneur and municipal leader, Gord Johns was elected in 2015 as Member of Parliament for the new riding of Courtenay—Alberni.

In 2008, Gord was elected as a member of Tofino Council, where he worked tirelessly to improve local residents’ quality of life. From expanding our hiking and biking trail networks to promoting services for children, Gord always put the priorities of local families first.

After his term on council, Gord focussed on his work as executive director of the Tofino–Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Under his leadership, the Chamber grew its membership, doubled its budget, and launched the highly successful Tofino Ambassador Program.

Gord developed his economic know-how through more than 14 years as a successful entrepreneur. In that time, Gord started a wide variety of small enterprises—from a natural clothing company to a bicycle rental business. All were founded on the belief that you can grow a business while caring for the environment at the same time.

Gord’s passion for protecting the great outdoors has led him to become a vocal opponent of increased oil-tanker traffic that threatens our coastal communities. He was also the founder and organizer of Tofino Earth Day and Tofino Earth Week events until 2013.

Born and raised in Victoria, Gord lives in Tofino, with a family history on Vancouver Island dating back over 100 years. As the proud father of three children, he wants to leave a better Canada to the next generation—and he’s determined to help get the job done.