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Got an idea for a petition on an issue of public interest or concern? Thanks to a successful NDP-led initiative, members of the public can now prepare and submit e-petitions to the House of Commons with the support of a sponsoring MP. For more information, visit the House of Commons e-petitions site or contact my office.

The following e-petitions have been sponsored by Gord Johns, MP:

e-1586 (Regulation of Food and Drugs) on addressing the opioid crisis.

e-1415 (Protection of the Environment) on cleaning up plastics in our waters.

e-1344 (Road Transportation) on enacting a national cycling strategy

e-696 (Foreign Policy) on Canadians kidnapped abroad.

e-338 (Canadians abroad) on the abduction of Canadian children - Sharvahn, Rojevahn, Dersim and Meitan Azer.

NDP Online Petitions

Sign and share the petitions below and join our movement for a better Canada.

Keep Plastics Out of Our Waters

Make Canada a Cycling Nation

Electoral Reform - Keep Your Promise

Stop the job-killing TPP

Equal pay for work of equal value

House of Commons Paper Petitions

Paper petitions are the traditional method of petitioning the House of Commons. A petition must meet certain requirements related to content, format and minimum number of signatures. For more information, see the House of Commons guide to paper petitions, or contact my office.

Paper petitions available for download: