Canada's NDP


September 28th, 2020

NDP: Minister Must Protect Salmon stocks by Closing Open-Net Pen Farms in Discovery Islands

Gord Johns, NDP Critic for Fisheries and Ocean, issued the following statement regarding today’s announcement from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

“Today’s announcement from the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has made it abundantly clear that the Department cannot both protect salmon and promote open-net pen aquaculture in coastal British Columbia.

It’s clear that the Liberals have no interest in keeping their campaign promise to move open net salmon farms to closed containment by 2025. The words we keep hearing from the Liberals once again do not match the actions are making.

The Minister has ignored independent, peer-reviewed science that clearly demonstrates the risk of PRV and sea lice caused by open-net pen farms.

Justice Cohen clearly said in his report that DFO cannot be both be a promoter of salmon farming and a protector of Pacific wild salmon. How can British Columbians feel confident that the government’s role is to protect wild salmon when they make announcements like they did today?”