Canada's NDP


November 20th, 2020

Liberals and Conservatives with wealthy instead of Canadian families

Ottawa – At a time when Canadians are worried about who will pay for the pandemic and the recovery, the liberals and conservatives joined forces to vote against making the wealthy pay their fair share. yesterday, they voted against the NDP motion calling on the government to impose a one percent wealth tax on those who profited off the pandemic while families struggled to make ends meet.

“We proposed a tax on the ultra-wealthy to make sure everyday Canadians aren’t stuck paying for Canada’s economic recovery. Unfortunately, the Liberals and Conservatives chose not to support that and clearly showed that they expect Canadian families shoulder the burden of the recovery,” said NDP MP Gord Johns. “Everyday people have sacrificed so much to get through the pandemic safely while large corporations made billions of dollars in profits. It’s unfair and this government is actively allowing it to continue.”

The NPD motion called on Justin Trudeau’s Liberals to put in place a new one percent tax on wealth over $20 million. An excess profit tax on big corporations that have profiteered from the pandemic was also part of the NDP’s call. The billions of dollars gained from these measures would then be re-invested to meet the needs of Canadian families. This would include investing in pharmacare and dental care, income support programs to expand a guaranteed livable income and investments in housing so people can afford their homes.

“While the Liberals keep protecting their ultra-wealthy friends, New Democrats are fighting for everyday people,” said Johns. “We can get Canadians better services like a national dental care program and universal, single-payer, public pharmacare and we can help people afford a good place to live. But the super wealthy must pay their fair share to make it happen.”