Canada's NDP


June 9th, 2021

Gord Johns Statment: World Oceans Day

Today is World’s Oceans Day in celebration of our oceans and in solidarity with those who commit to rescuing them from the threats of climate change, plastics pollution, habitat destruction and a failure to consider the whole ecosystem in our resource management practices.

Current policies and practices of this government undervalue the importance of stewardship and restoration of our marine environment and the critical importance of reversing global warming and acidification of the oceans, renewable energy and the loss or degradation of fish stocks, habitat and biodiversity.

The government’s 'Blue Economy' policy does not address the role of the ocean regulating the climate by sequestering CO2 and producing oxygen.

And, it fails to recognize the importance of wind farms and other scientifically proven effective forms of renewable energy.

Canada clearly needs to do better for our oceans. I call on all Members of this House to commit to protecting the wonder of the ocean as our life source, supporting humankind and all other organisms on mother earth.

Happy World Oceans Day to all!