Canada's NDP


October 7th, 2020

Gord Johns' Statement on Plastics Announcement

OTTAWA - People across Canada have been asking the government to take action on banning plastics for years. The government and all opposition parties supported my motion to create a clear course to eliminate and reduce plastics two years ago. While it has taken some time, today’s announcement reassures Canadians that the government is finally taking steps to get this done. But the Liberals must go much further than today's announcement.

Canadians want the government to ensure toxic plastics are not hurting their health or the health of the environment. The designation of plastics as toxic materials must not be removed and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act must be strengthened, not weakened.

Many Canadians in coastal communities have organized to remove marine plastic waste from their shorelines and they need support. We have called repeatedly on the government to respect local knowledge concerning our marine environment and provide funding to support community groups and organizations in this work.

In order to protect our environment, we need reduction targets that guide industry in its management of plastic products to the end of their life-cycles. The government must take urgent action to stop the production of plastics that are harmful to the environment.