An Act to Establish a National Cycling Strategy

Private Member's Bill

Our country is facing many challenges including soaring healthcare and infrastructure costs, reducing GHG emissions, and traffic congestion.

We need to do more to make Canada a cycling nation

Cycling is a sustainable transportation solution that is low cost, environmentally friendly, and encourages healthy living.

On Tuesday, 4 October 2016, MP Gord Johns (Courtenay-Alberni) introduced a private Member's bill to establish a National Cycling Strategy. (actual text of the bill at the bottom of this page)



A Canadian Cycling Strategy will:

  • Commit the federal government to set clear targets for the expansion of cycling friendly infrastructure;
  • Encourage more Canadians to choose cycling as their mode of transportation;
  • Improve national safety standard measures, such as side guard rails for trucks;
  • Support the cycling industry in Canada;
  • Increase education for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Cycling advocates have long called for a national strategy where the federal government would work with provinces and municipalities to increase commuter, recreational and tourism cycling across Canada. This private Member's bill will bring all levels of governments together with cyclists and industry to build a plan that will encourage and facilitate more Canadians on bicycles.



Many other OECD countries have already adopted cycling strategies and have seen a significant increase in cycling as a result. Canada lags behind in many cycling indicators, including the number of children who cycle to school which remains at 2%. Whereas in Germany, 15% of children cycle to school, and in the Netherlands 50% of children cycle to school.

A National Cycling Strategy will lead to a healthier society, more livable communities, safer cycling options, reduced congestion, and significant savings for our healthcare system. Additionally, Canada's unique landscape is a perfect draw for cycling tourism.



"Velo Canada Bikes strongly supports the development of a national cycling strategy as part of an active transportation approach. Our health, environment, and economy are riding on it. Getting the conditions right for a bike-friendly nation takes coordinated effort and strong leadership. Adopting an ambitious national cycling strategy and investing heavily in cycling infrastructure throughout Canada are key steps that combine to make cycling easier and more convenient for everyone. The experience of countries like Germany, the UK or Norway shows that it is effective and necessary. Ultimately, people everywhere want safer streets, clear laws, effective programs and good investments. Once people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable connecting to their community and their country from the seat of a bicycle, our job will be done. Until then, we have a tremendous amount of work to do." 

~ Anders Swanson, Chair, Canada Bikes

"Bike Ottawa feels the time is right for a National strategy to help provinces and cities across Canada address the challenge and leverage the opportunity of huge increases in people riding bicycles for transportation. A good strategy will focus on infrastructure, engineering and education standards, to help reduce emissions, congestion, road user conflicts, injuries and fatalities, all while increasing public health through sustainable and affordable transportation."

~ Heahter Shearer, President, Bike Ottawa


"Cycling is a wonderful way for Canadians to integrate healthy exercise into their day while protecting the environment. It's time for Federal leadership to step forward and lead by summarizing research, establishing guiding principles and coordinating the development of a national cycling strategy. We need to set targets -- one can be that every child possible in Canada learns to ride a bicycle.

Cycling tourism can be part of the strategy, and of course, safety needs attention as well.

National Health and Fitness Day partners with Canada Bikes towards the development of a National Cycling Strategy and invites you to participate in Bike Day in Canada on May 31, 2017."

~ Senator Nancy Greene Raine, champion alpine skier voted as Canada's Female Athlete of the 20th Century.



  1. Sign our online petition.
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  3. Write to your MP in support of MP Gord Johns private Member's bill, and encourage your community members to do the same.
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