Snow Life: A NationalPost Podcast Featuring True Tales of Canadian Winter

Gord Johns in the news

Snow Life is a new National Post podcast featuring true tales of the Canadian winter. Available weekly on Sound Cloud and iTunes, the podcast will explore stories featuring winter etiquette (shovel your sidewalk!), powerful storms and Olympic ambitions.

Whether we like it or not, Canada is defined by it’s winter weather. We’re known for our snow and ice and cold. Everyone has a story about the season and we want to hear it.

The first episode looks at how different people experienced their first taste of winter in Canada. It features 19th century accounts of the season as well as a conversation with MP Gord Johns about what it’s like to pull up stakes in (relatively) warm Tofino, B.C. and move to the chilly capital of the country. National Post reporter Joe O’Connor also spoke extensively with two men about their perilous journey crossing the U.S. border into Manitoba in freezing conditions.