Keep Plastics Out of Our Water

Plastic pollution in aquatic environments poses a serious threat to the health and well-being of wildlife and sensitive ecosystems, communities, and the environment.

On November 2, 2017, MP Gord Johns put forward a motion, M-151, in the House of Commons to address the issue. The motion aims to create permanent, dedicated, and annual funding for community led projects to clean up plastics and debris. Additionally, it intends to reduce industrial use of micro-plastics, plastic debris discharged from storm water outfalls, and consumer and industrial use of ‘single use’ plastics. You can read the full text of M-151 by clicking here.

Watch the video of MP Gord Johns Rising in the House of Commons to question the government on the issue: tere


Want more information?

The motion draws from recommendations published by the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre in August. See the full report for more information.

Want to sign the petition?

Please click on the file below to download a paper copy of the Petition to establish National Strategy to Combat Plastic Pollution in Aquatic Environments.